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What to Expect

Like any other medical test, the test to determine if you could be helped by a hearing aid is used to identify abnormalities or problems. Hearing proficiency is generally tested for three purposes:

  • To check the severity of hearing loss
  • To establish a baseline hearing report
  • To use the results to recommend and fit hearing aids

Hearing loss occurs for many reasons, but the goal of the evaluation isn’t to determine the cause – rather to find the right form of treatment. When we hear, vibrations made in the air enter the ear and are sent to small bones in the middle ear. These bones transfer the vibrations to the inner ear, where they are sent by tiny hair movement through a nerve to the brain.

What to expect

To start, the hearing aid dispenser will take a case history to determine what kind of environments you’re struggling to hear in, how frequently you notice your hearing loss and any pertinent information to your hearing problems. We will ask questions pertaining to your medical background, when your hearing loss started and if you’re experiencing any other symptoms such as ringing in your ears or dizziness.

It may include a quick examination of the ear to ensure no earwax is present or impacted. Excessive earwax can cause temporary hearing loss, in addition to other symptoms relating to your ear health.

Next, a test to determine if you could be helped by a hearing aid to measure what pitches and sounds you can and cannot hear will be performed. This assessment will allow our hearing instrument specialist to assess where your hearing difficulties are and what we can do to help you navigate day-to-day communication better.

Hearing exams can also include speech recognition tests to narrow down what words and sounds you’re struggling to hear. This test is simple and provides the hearing instrument specialist with a quick glimpse into your overall hearing ability.

Symptoms and results

The results of your evaluation will give your hearing aid dispenser an outline of your hearing ability. They will use this information, in addition to the personal case history you provided at the beginning of the appointment, to put together a complete picture of your hearing health and what are your best treatment options. If a permanent hearing loss is indicated our hearing aid dispenser will be able to explain the treatment options available to you. If hearing aids are recommended for your hearing loss, we will use the results from your appointment to help you find the right device for your lifestyle and needs.

At Future Hearing we understand the hesitation that comes with having any kind of medical evaluation performed. Schedule an appointment today and talk with our staff about what you can expect during this simple and pain-free test to determine if you could be helped by a hearing aid!