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Dear Greg and Emily at Future Hearing,

In that I will soon once again return to Cambodia, please accept this long overdue 'thank you' for your always prompt on-going follow-up and most gracious assistance over the years, including your attention to my often last minute concerns.

No matter what I may forget regarding the use of my hearing aids, or my need for you to readjust the settings, Emily always finds me a timely appointment. I want you both to know how much I appreciate your patience, competence, and sensitivity when I need you most, especially prior to and even during my extended work in Cambodia.

Your attention to detail Greg is always reassuring in that it gives me confidence that you understand my needs, and your willingness to accept and then clarify my 'layman's' take on whatever it is I'm trying to articulate.

As well, at 75 years of age on a fixed income, I am definitely thankful for your honesty and candid approach to explaining improved devices and accessories rather than trying to sell me something new for no good reason except the bottom line.

Thanks again, and do take care.

Mike Bradley, Berkeley, CA
I always enjoy doing business at Future Hearing. Emily is very welcoming and Greg is jovial in addition to being professional. I've gotten aids two other places and this is by far the best experience time after time. On top of all that, I can hear better. Their centrally located office with sufficient parking is a bonus. Barbara L.
This was my first visit to reassess my hearing and repair one of my hearing aids. I can simply say that this was an exceptionally great experience in all respects. I await fitting for my new hearing aids. Thank you!

Thanks for letting me test the Oticon demos. If you need input on other units, that you think may help my hearing, let me know. BTW, your tweaking of my Siemens has improved the performance.

Excellent aid tune-up from Greg who is one of the best I've ever encountered. He really understands and listens to you. I highly recommend Future Hearing. And I might add that I rarely respond to reviews.

I like the happy and accommodating people and the lovely office. These are extras.

I highly recommend Future Hearing of San Leandro to anyone with hearing issues. I have been wearing hearing aids for many years. Lately, I felt that my hearing was getting worse because I had to crank up the volume and still wasn't hearing well. I scheduled a hearing test and discovered that my aids were not set properly for my hearing loss. Greg Boone is the hearing specialist and he is terrific! He himself has hearing loss and understands the frustrations and problems the hearing impaired face and how hearing loss significantly impacts one's quality of life. Greg reset my aids and I feel like I have a new lease on life. He is up on the latest technologies and prides himself on finding customized solutions to your hearing problem. Plus,he's a very personable guy! The staff is also great—responsive, efficient and friendly. M.BM
Not only is Greg Boone expert in his field, he is also empathetic and responsive to questions needing answers about the vast inconvenience of hearing loss. He is up-to-date on solutions that seem to be developing at quite a rate these days, and has saved me from untold despair when five years ago I found myself ambushed by this debility, which as a musician seemed like double jeopardy to me. The office at Future Hearing is beyond accommodating and competent! I would recommend Greg Boone and his associates to anyone. In fact, I do not live in vicinity to the office and make great efforts to avail myself of its services. Tony Kaye
Today I enjoy perfectly normal hearing, with many thanks to Greg Boone. I've never known anyone quite like the guy. As someone with hearing issues himself, Greg brings a unique combination of unrelenting commitment, patience and encouragement, humor, compassion and most of all humanity to his lucky patients. With my particular hearing issues, Greg took on a challenge and I couldn't be happier with his results. Just last night my daughter said it all, "I'm so happy to have my mama back." I thank my lucky stars for having found him! P.R.
The San Leandro office is great, providing efficient yet very friendly service. Greg Boone is especially good at working with people. He is a skilled, patient, helpful professional who always makes me feel I've been properly served by someone who cares. Thanks, Greg! L.
If you are reading this you are probably having hearing problems and are considering getting a hearing test or purchasing a hearing aid. I highly recommend the staff at Future Hearing of San Leandro. I was experiencing difficulty with my previous hearing aid and what led me to Future Hearing was the fact that Greg Boone, the hearing aid provider, also wears two hearing aids and has experienced first-hand the frustrations that come with it. My first visit with Greg was outstanding. He understood my concerns and what I was hoping for as far as hearing aid performance. I now have a new hearing aid and I function better at work and play with less stress. I attribute this to Greg's experience and professional manner. PS: The staff also get a 10. Terry Van Pelt
Greg Boone at Future Hearing may not be able to make the lame walk or the mute speak, but he has made this deaf guy hear.
Greg's advice and his skills in fitting and programming hearing aids have made both me and my wife far more happy. Everyday communication with her and others is greatly improved.I wear the Nano aids everyday, all day because they are effective and comfortable.
Distortion-free, almost like having had my hearing restored to normal. Easy to insert and remove, simple to adjust the volume.
Now I can fully enjoy my sound system and recordings and clearly understand what is said on TV. The details and subtleties of musical instruments during performances are revealed. - Herb Cygan