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Hearing Doctor

A loss of hearing can affect your daily life in many ways. There are many reasons for hearing loss, but they all result in a diminished ability to easily complete tasks throughout your day. Reduced hearing not only affects you personally, but also impacts those around you when trying to communicate.

Every service and product we offer is designed to help people more easily navigate their lives through better hearing. We partner with hearing doctors to ensure you not only receive the right hearing instrument for your hearing loss, but can have other medical conditions diagnosed and treated if necessary. A hearing doctor studies the newest advances in medical procedures for ears, nose, neck and throat, in addition to studying trends in hearing technology.

Hearing instrument specialists and hearing doctors

Our hearing instrument specialist interacts closely with hearing doctors to assure your recommendations are fulfilled. Throughout the medical world, new devices are helping people become more independent – this is equally true with hearing aids. Nearly all hearing devices today are digital, which allows them to clarify and enhance sounds using sophisticated microelectronics.

Hearing doctors (hearing professionals with graduate degrees) examine your overall hearing health. They consider how the ears, nose and throat work together when diagnosing and treating your hearing loss. They also help identify the many problems and causes that can lead to hearing loss. In many cases, temporary hearing loss can be treated with medicine.

When it comes to permanent hearing loss, however, many times our hearing instrument specialist will recommend a hearing device.

Back and forth for better hearing

When you visit Future Hearing, we will take a medical history and perform a variety of hearing tests to assess your hearing. Once we find out what your hearing issues are, we can recommend and fit the right device to treat your problems. In the event your hearing loss is related to a trauma or ongoing condition, we work with several hearing doctors and can provide a referral if necessary. Your hearing health is important to us, which is why we provide comprehensive services to ensure you’re happy with your treatment.

As a result, the partnership of the hearing instrument specialist and a hearing doctor guarantees that you are offered the most complete care possible.