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Ear Cleaning or Hearing Loss

If your ears are feeling plugged and you feel that you need an ear cleaning, you are welcome to come to our office to have us check your ears. We will inspect your ears and can quickly let you know if you need an ear cleaning.

If the ears are heavily plugged, we recommend that you visit an ear, nose, and throat doctor, also known as an ENT. They specialize in ears can remove your wax with tools and suction. This is preferable to having a general practitioner or nurse try to flush them out with pressure. Ear drums are very thin. They are three layers of skin, some of which may have flaked off over time. It is quite easy to puncture an eardrum with too much water pressure. For this reason we recommend a specialist.

If your ears are clear, then you might be experiencing some hearing loss. Often patients describe their hearing loss as a "plugged up feeling." If you would like, we can perform a test to determine if you could be helped by a hearing aid to let you know how much hearing loss you are experiencing, and can partner with your ENT to determine whether you have medical issues that they can treat, or if you need to get some hearing devices to assist you.

Possible medical causes for hearing loss are too numerous to be mentioned here, but it should be noted that if your hearing loss is SUDDEN, you should IMMEDIATELY see an ear doctor. Sudden Hearing Loss is a specific medical condition that, if left untreated for even a small amount of time, can quickly become permanent. So if your "plugged" feeling happened all at once, and is not changing, do not call us, do not pass go, go directly to an ear doctor!