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What Happens if Your Hearing Aid Malfunctions?

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You can’t hear out of your hearing aid; why? This is a very good question. There could be quite a few reasons as to why you are unable to hear out of your hearing aid. So let’s take a quick look at some of the reasons why your hearing aid may be malfunctioning.

Earwax and hearing aids

Your hearing aid may be plugged with wax. But how and why did this happen? Your ear produces wax in order to clean itself as well as to get rid of foreign objects in the ear such as dirt and debris. To your ear your hearing aid is a foreign object so it is producing wax to get rid of it. The wax that your ear produces will work its way into your hearing aid, thus plugging the vent or receiver of the hearing aid. To prevent this you need to properly clean your hearing aid every time you take it out.

Moisture and hearing aids

Moisture may have gotten into the inner workings of your hearing aid thus damaging it. Moisture of any form can easily get into the hearing aid causing damage. To prevent moisture from getting in be sure to take it out when moisture is present; such as rain or snow, steam or water and even dog slobber. Be sure to see your hearing health professional right away is you suspect moisture got into your hearing aid as they may be able to dry it out if not they will need to send it off to the manufacturer for them to fix it.

Hearing aids and tubing

Your tubing can cause serious problems if not taken care of properly. Moisture in the tubing can cause distortion or even damage to the inside of the hearing aid. A crack in the tubing can also cause distortion or lack of sound. Be sure to regularly check your tubing to ensure is it functioning properly. You will need to have your tubing replaced regularly as they will dry out and crack over time.

Your ears and too much wax

This is can easily occur due to the increase of wax production your ear is producing to get rid of the foreign body that is your hearing aid. Be sure to have your ears regularly checked by your hearing health professional or doctor. If your ears are plugged or impacted with wax have your doctor professionally and properly clean them out. Do not attempt to clean them yourself. Your ears are self-cleaning and need to do their job but too much wax can be a problem. Never use a cotton swab to clean your ears as you may cause more damage such as perforating or puncturing your eardrum or pushing wax further down your ear canal causing an impaction. Always seek the help and viewing of a health care professional when it comes to wax build-up in your ears.

There are a number of reasons your hearing aid may be malfunctioning. The best course of action is to schedule an appointment with your hearing care provider to ensure your device and auditory system are in working order!