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How Do You Repair Hearing Aids?

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Your hearing health professional not only tests your hearing and dispenses hearing aids but they are able to diagnose and repair your hearing aids as well. How amazing. But how are they able to do this? What are they looking for when you come in and say that your hearing aid is not working? Let’s take a look.

Diagnosing the issue

When you come in upset that your hearing aid is not working your hearing health professional will sit down with you to go over the problem. They will ask you what happened and when it happened. They will ask you about the environment and situation you were in at the time that it stopped working. They will ask you when you last changed your hearing aid battery or charged them. Once they have talked to you and asked you all the questions they can start to figure out what happened when your hearing aids stopped working then will take a listen.

Examining the device

Your hearing health professional has this nifty little device that looks like a stethoscope but it is designed to listen to the hearing aid. They will be able to hear what you hear in order to further help in the diagnosis of the not working hearing aid. They will check the battery or the charge of the hearing aid. They will also check the tubing, the vents, microphone and receiver of the hearing aid. They will likely perform a diagnostic test on the hearing aid with a hearing aid test chamber analyser. This machine will test the function of the hearing aid.

Recommended repairs

Depending on the results the hearing health professional may be able to fix the hearing aid in house by simply changing the tubing, changing the programing of the hearing aid, replacing the battery or changing the hearing aid or by cleaning the hearing aid or drying it out. If the hearing health professional has determined that it is a mechanical problem they will need to send it away to the manufacturer to have it fixed by them. They will send along with the hearing aid all of the information that was presented by you, the patient, as well as their findings through their diagnostic testing.

Usually it is a simple fix when a hearing aid is not working such as a tubing change, wax buildup or a battery change, however, there may be times when it is something bigger and needs to be seen by the manufacturer.