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Hearing loss and other difficulties are ubiquitous, affecting around a fifth of all people, of all ages, with significantly higher rates in people over 50. A hearing test is the single most effective way of getting to the bottom of the matter and giving you an accurate look at your hearing health. Here are just a few of the reasons

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If you’ve noticed that your hearing is declining, you may have already taken action by booking a hearing evaluation with your hearing healthcare provider. It’s a great step in the right direction because there are many problematic issues that could stem from your hearing loss. If it’s your first time attending a hearing test then you might feel uncomfortable or

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Tinnitus can be extremely frustrating to deal with. Sometimes, tinnitus can be cured easily. However, other times, it can be very difficult to try to heal tinnitus. Whether or not tinnitus can be cured depends on the specific thing that is causing it. If something other than damage to the hair cells in the inner ear is causing it, then

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