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5 Hearing Aid Features that Reduce Unwanted Sounds

5 Hearing Aid Features that Reduce Unwanted Sounds

The very purpose of hearing aids is to enhance your hearing, but the problem is that you may not need all levels of sound input amplified equally – or at all. Without special features, this can mean whistling, noise interference, difficulty hearing in noisy environments or maybe dealing with the phantom sounds of tinnitus. If you’re struggling with unwanted sounds, talk with your hearing care provider to see if one of these five advanced hearing aid features can help.

1. Automatic adjustments

If you’re an active person who frequently moves between vary diverse listening environments (for instance, your quiet home to a noisy, crowded bus or restaurant), you may benefit from an automatic adjustment feature. This technology senses when your environment changes and optimizes your settings for the greatest comfort and listening clarity.

2. Feedback cancellation systems

Most hearing aids are designed to naturally reduce feedback, but if you have severe hearing loss, the powerful amplification levels on your hearing aids may still cause problems with feedback. Feedback cancellation systems take the next step to ensuring feedback is no longer an annoying issue you have to deal with.

3. Multiple channels or programs

If you have complex hearing needs, your audiologist may recommend a device that allows

multiple channels and programs to optimize each aspect of your hearing, as needed. You’ll be able to switch back and forth among these channels, although many models will automatically detect and adjust your program.

4. Wind reduction

If you spend much time outdoors while wearing hearing aids, wind can be a painful and distracting interference. Wind reduction senses the presence of wind and keeps the sound from interfering with your hearing.

5. Tinnitus management

Many people with severe hearing loss also have tinnitus, or ringing in the ears. Although treating your hearing loss can reduce tinnitus, it may not completely go away. Tinnitus features on hearing aids help by creating noises to either mask or mimic the sound your tinnitus makes so you can tune it out easier.

Life with hearing aids means better hearing, but it can also mean unwanted noises. Ask your hearing healthcare professional about any of these features you think would help you to better enjoy the sounds you love and eliminate the ones you don’t.