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4 Reasons to Get Your Hearing Tested

4 Reasons to Get Your Hearing Tested

Are you suffering from hearing loss, but haven’t done anything about it? Having your hearing tested can seem overwhelming or scary when you don’t know what to expect, but rest assured the examinations are completely pain-free and simple!

While it may be easy to put your hearing health off, there are several important reasons to get your hearing tested and take control today!

1. Become social again

Did you know untreated hearing loss can lead to anxiety, social isolation and withdrawal? Because it can be hard to hear in group conversations when you have hearing loss, you may find yourself shying away from lunches or dinners with friends you normally enjoy.

Additionally, it can be difficult to have conversations on the telephone when you have hearing loss because you’re not able to see the person and read their lips or follow their body language.

Don’t let yourself become isolated, get your hearing tested and find out if treatment can help you get active in your life again. 

2. Protect your earning power

Studies comparing people, who take action on their hearing loss and those who do nothing, came to a sobering conclusion. Untreated hearing loss has a detrimental impact on earning potential. However, rectifying hearing loss with the use of a hearing device gets your earnings back on track.

3. Preserve your current hearing

Perhaps you assume that having your hearing tested and needing a hearing aid is an admission of defeat. However, not acknowledging the problem comes at a price, which is accelerated hearing loss.

This is because hearing is a complex mechanism involving both the ears and the brain. Most people suffer from hearing loss as a result of damage to the way the ear processes sound.

What many people overlook is that the brain plays a crucial role in receiving electrical impulses and interpreting them. When hearing loss goes untreated for a period of time, the brain’s hearing center tends to switch off. When it’s shut down for too long, it simply doesn’t reboot again, or if it does it takes weeks or months to relearn what it has forgotten.

By getting your hearing tested and treating hearing loss when it is mild, it keeps the hearing part of the brain toned and active, meaning you adapt quickly to the use of a hearing aid and keep better hearing for longer.

4. Hearing tests aren’t invasive

When you schedule an appointment with an audiologist in your area, they will walk you through the process of a hearing test. Depending on your hearing loss severity and symptoms, your audiologist may perform more than one evaluation. Regardless, these hearing tests are non-invasive and typically involve you wearing a set of headphones and raising your hand or pushing a button. Simple enough, right?

For the four reasons above and several more, schedule a hearing test with an audiologist in your area today. Hearing tests are the only way to confirm if you have a hearing loss and the degree of that impairment. Take control of your hearing health today!